Alana  Patmore is a singer/songwriter from Sydney. From an early age, it was obvious that she was destined for a creative life. Seemingly singing before she was able to talk, Alana has spent her formative years honing her craft and continues to work towards enhancing and exploring her artistic talents through various competitions and musical endeavours. As an award-winning songwriter, Alana understands the effort and emotions that go into every layer of a song and continues to grow and mature as an artist by capturing her imaginative as well as life experiences through music. Pursuing opportunities to showcase her voice and songwriting abilities, Alana entered a professional recording studio in 2014, taking her talent to the next level.

“Hi! My name is Alana Patmore, I’m a singer songwriter. I come from jazz roots, but I write predominantly pop, indie, pop rock, alternative, but I also venture into jazz, funk, and RnB. I like to write about life and experiences of life (in my inexperience), and I like to tell stories with my songs. I can also always write a song about crushing on someone, or about a breakup. Usually, I write with a guitar, and sometimes I venture onto the piano. “

For details on Alana’s awards and artistic efforts, please see her detailed resume below.

List of Original Songs
  • Sweet Boy of MIne (aka End of Time)
  • Big Boy and the City
  • Winter Song
  • 2 Storey House
  • 17
  • Part of the Plan
  • Still in Love
  • NYE (New Year’s Eve)
  • Old Coffee
  • Shipwrecked
  • Mirror
  • Another Letter
  • Walking to School – (Winner – 1st place at 2011 Sydney Eisteddfod Original Work/Own Composition)
  • I Scream, Ice Cream
  • My Hair’s Gone Blue – (First song – written at 9 years old)
  • When I Am With You
  • Rise – (Chosen by Sydney Children Festival Choir)
  • Let’s Go – (Written for Sydney Children Festival Choir)
  • In One Moment
  • You to My Me
  • The Scary Song
  • Hook
  • Run
  • Ashes
  • Some Other World – Collaboration with JayWays
  • Galaxy – Collaboration with Callum Parker
  • Panda Face
  • Bounce
  • It’s Your Birthday
  • I am Not Waiting – (Member of TDP Songwriting Workshop with
    Rai Thistlethwayte and Robert Conley
  • Soccer Fever – (Member of the song writing team, Song Summit 2010, backstage)
  • Jealousy – (Member of the song writing team, Song Summit 2012, backstage)
  • Calm Sea – (Member of the song writing team for Sydney Children Festival Choir 2011)
  • Devious Doug – (Verse written for Sydney Children Festival Choir)
  • Winner Australia Children’s Music Foundation 2015 National Song Writing Competition, 15/16 for “End of Time”
  • Member of 50 songs in 5 days camp 2015
  • Finalist – Tropscore 2015
  • Amrap Airit Artist since 2015
  • Cruicial Music Artist Songwriter since 2015
  • Pump Audio Artist Songwriter since 2015
  • the Voice Australia 2015, Blind Audition
  • Winner Australia Children’s Music Foundation 2014 National Song Writing Competition, 15/16 for “Mirror”
  • 2nd Prize Sydney Eisteddfod Singer Songwriter 2014 Open Age Event for “Mirror”
  • 1st Prize Ryde Eisteddfod Original Composition Open Age Event 2014 for “Mirror”
  • Winner of StarNow Artist Sponsorship $5000 GiveAway 2014
  • Winner Tropscore Jr 2013
  • HC Australia Children’s Music Foundation 2013 National Song Writing Competition, Category B for “You to My Me”
  • 2nd Prize Sydney Eisteddfod Singer Songwriter 2013 Open Age Event for “You to My Me”
  • 1st Prize Ryde Eisteddfod Original Composition Open Age Event 2013 for “You to My Me”
  • HC 2013 Sydney Eisteddfod Original Composition Open Age for “Another Letter”
  • 2nd Prize Australia Children Music Foundation 2012 National Song Writing Competition, Category B for “When I am with You”
  • Finalist JD Music Award 2012, Song Category, by Australia Screen Composer Guild (one of the two finalists) for “Walking to School”
  • 1st Prize 2011 Sydney Eisteddfod original work own composition, 14U, for “Walking to School”
  • HC 2011 Sydney Eisteddfod, singer/songwriter Open Age for “Let’s Go”
  • 3rd place Granny Smith Festival 2011 talent competition
  • 1st Prize Northern Beach Eisteddfod, 2010, Ballard, Contemporary Vocal 12u
  • 1st Prize Northern Beach Eisteddfod, 2010, Up-tempo, Contemporary Vocal 12u
  • 2nd Prize Northern Beach Eisteddfod, 2010, Character, Contemporary Vocal 12u
  • HC (4th place) Northern Beach Eisteddfod, 2010, Championship, Contemporary Vocal 14u
  • 1st Prize Cheltenham Idol 2010
  • Diamond Award Vocalist Yamaha Music Festival Stage Band 2009, with Beecroft Primary Stage Band
  • 2nd Prize Ryde Eisteddfod, Vocal Contemporary, 12u, 2009
  • 2nd Prize: Jazz/Blue 10-12, Parramatta Eisteddfod, 2008,
  • 3rd Prize: Contemporary Vocal 10-12, Parramatta Eisteddfod 2008,
  • HC Contemporary Championship 13&Under, Parramatta Eisteddfod 2008,
  • Gold Medal Vocalist – Stage Band, Yamaha Band Festival, NSW Schools 2007
  • (Best Performance of the Year for the Category and was invited to appear at the Command show)
  • Gold Medal Vocalist – Stage Band, UNSW Band Competition 2007
  • 1st Prize Vocalist – Stage Band, Sydney Eisteddfod Band Competition 2007
  • 2nd Place Galston Eisteddfod 2007, vocal with CD backing, 10u
  • 3rd Place Galston Eisteddfod, 2007, vocal 10u,
  • HC Ryde Eisteddfod 2007, 10u
  • 2nd place Beecroft Idol, 2007
  • Finalist Blacktown Junior Superstar (2006)
  • HC Instrumental Piano – Eisteddfods Castle Hills 2003


  • Featured on sound tracks created by Rafael May Music for Cadbury Chocolate Australia, Natures Way, MKR,
  • Sim Card- an art film, writer, producer, camera, editor, score
  • Hybrid Documentary-My Red Guard- by AFTRS, 2013, as songwriter, song performer, narrator, story provider
  • Docuception – a documentary self produced 2013
  • Mirage City– a TVC self produced 2013
  • Spirit – an experimental film self produced 2012


– “What do You Know” game show, ABC3 2011, as captain of Team JamSession 2011 with specialist knowledge of Ella Fitzgerald

  • Kitchen Whiz – game show, ch 9, 2011
  • RAGGS – tv show, improvised talk with Dumpster the Cat, 2006-2007, Ch 7, Southern Star Production
  • Lipsmackers, TVC, Water Melon Girl 1st Officer, AFRTS, March 2007
  • Woolworth Hospital Appeal, TVC, BBQ Scene, August 2008
  • Panjo Allstar, TV Reality Show, contestant (1st and 2nd rounds) Foxtel, Nov 08
  • School Bully – Corporate Video and TV Campaign, NSW Police Department, May 2010



  • Band Member of “Schools Out” Band – an electro-pop band, as vocalist and synth/keyboard player; concert with Timomatic May 2012
  • Songwriting team with Josh Pyke – Song Summit 2011, backstage pass, co-wrote “Jealousy”, lead female vocal in second verse of the recording
  • Songwriting team
  • Songwriting team 2009, 2012 Song Summit, Backstage pass, co-wrote “Soccer Fever”
  • Songwriting team for Sydney Children Festival Choir 2011. Wrote “Let’s Go”, “Rise” and co-wrote “Calm Sea” and they were performed and recorded by Sydney Children Festival Choir during 2011 Children Festival
  • Vocalist, Stage Band, Beecroft Primary School 2007-2009
  • Concert with John Morrison Quartet, 2009
  • Performed at Manly Jazz Festival 2007 and 2009
  • Voice Session singer for Woolworths, “the Fresh Food People”– (with Emma Pask), May 2008
  • Session singer for Telstra TVC “we are Australian”– lead vocal, November 2008
  • Session singer for TV drama “Chandon Picture 2” ABC, Foxtel, lead vocal, 2009



  • The Reindeer, Christmas Pantomime with Nikki Webster Dec 08
  • School annual concerts since 2006 (lead vocal in scenes “Dream Girls”, “Grease”…)
  • As Time Goes By – stage production, performing “Summer Time”

Photo Sessions

  • Wet n Wild Park photo shoot
  • Event Cinema photo shoot
  • Luna Park promotion
  • Education Series photo session with Serge Kozak, viewable on