Eisteddfod Achievement 2013 for new original song ” You To My Me”

  • Alana takes 1st Prize at Ryde Eisteddfod Original Composition Open Age Event
  • Alana takes 2nd prize at Sydney Eisteddfod Singer Songwriter Open Age Event
“You to My Me” was inspired by the simple connection that people make to one another. Those initial inklings of love or a crush and all the thoughts that came along with that. You feel as if that person, or the idea of that person, becomes relevant in everything you see or do. So, when I took on that idea, the song just wrote itself because it’s in the simple things and acts that you think about the person who can’t escape your mind.

For me, this song, and all of my music really – it’s about not over-thinking it or making a song too complicated. I like to feel the emotion and then put it out there through my lyrics. I look to artists like Taylor Swift who just let their emotions flow and that’s how I like and want to be. I want my music to feel real and relatable. Something that any young girl or woman could hear and think, “Oh yeah, I remember being that way!” I like the guitar and the lyrics to speak for me and, beyond that, I can only hope that it connects to the audience and so far, it has and that is what it’s all about it for me.”
Check out the result from Sydney Eisteddfod website link http://www.sydneyeisteddfod.com.au/uploads/results/2013ContemporarySingingResults.pdf